Hon.Shri. Rambhau Moze

Knowledge has a beginning but no end……..

Medicines today have great power to heal and improve the quality of life for people.Even in the current situation of pandemic, its Pharmacists who are in major role to find a cure, Pharmacist is a key healthcare professional in helping people achieve the best results from their medication, so to make a bright and healthy future, Genba Sopanrao Moze Trust has entered into this venture of developing the education system for serving the society considering the economic aspects and making the medicines available with best quality and lowest price. We arecommitted to be the cause of technical education for accomplishing the aspiration of the upcoming generation and to the ever increasing needs of society in terms of health.So we welcome the future of our country, the young generation to combat this challenge with excellent facilities available with us. Let us grab the opportunity to fulfill the need of time for the betterment of society and our nation in the field of health science