Dr. Rajesh Oswal
Principal ,

GSMoze COP Wagholi

Mobile No: 9420480955

We know what we are, but not what we can be.”

Genba Sopanrao Moze College of Pharmacy (GSMCOP), Wagholi aims to offer world class pharmacy education to effectuate the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and health needs of the society at a large and to achieve excellence in pharmaceutical research. The delightful environment and pleasant climate greatly facilitate young tender mind to develop concentration power as well as intellectual capabilities in order to ensure their all-round growth and personality development. The GSMCOP has an excellent young team of dedicated and well qualified teachers who are always willing to motivate students and creating one family feeling. The GSMCOP created modern infrastructure facilities, new pedagogy to motivate, stimulate, and augment the training process, research interests, collaborative product development study, supply chain management, and knowledge-based manufacturing to match the needs of industry.GSMCOP determines to permute students to professionals and with entrepreneurship quality to become a business tycoon in this competitive world of pharmaceutical industry.

Hence I welcome students to avail full advantages of all the available opportunities and work progressively to achieve eventful career in pharmacy profession to shine bright as a self-established persona in the world full of competition.